Training Bundle
Training Bundle
Training Bundle
Training Bundle

Training Bundle

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Bundle includes: 

1x REkeep bouncer 
1x D'flecta 
12x Bobblas

REkeep bouncer: 
Designed to enable and enhance the training of ALL members of a hockey team. It has been developed with the help of experienced coaches, including top Club and National Team coaches. Bouncer utilises offcuts from our New Zealand factory and repurposed foam from preloved OBO goalkeeping gear that has worn out.

The mat enables a coach, assistant or even a parent to simulate deflected shots targeting high or low shots without needing to include the field players in the exercise. 

It's designed to be hit or rolled along the pitch at the goalkeeper.The egg shape makes the ball bounce and bobble randomly making routine saves much more complex. It encourages the fundamental of getting your body behind the ball.