ROBO PLUS Left Hand Protector
ROBO PLUS Left Hand Protector

ROBO PLUS Left Hand Protector

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The Robo Plus Left Hand is all about providing predictable rebound. Flat large saving surface + security on the hand + freedom of wrist movement = Predictable Rebound.

The angled top edge has been shaped to give a strong, natural quick transition from ground to standing, providing extra speed and time to make that impossible save possible.

20% Extra distance above your finger tips to the top of the hand protector (compared to the Hi Rebound). A true extension of your hand enabling more reach.

Versatile strap & flap creating 3 x strap options. Customisable to your personal preference of wrist movement vs security on hand.

Thumb, finger & palm grip feels natural & secure. Provides hand stability & Predictable Rebound . Allows you, freedom & speed of movement without worrying about loosing your grip.

Sizing:                                                     Medium                        Large

Finger length (Inch)                                 6-7.5"                            7"+

(Base of palm to top of finger)
* If you are between Medium & Large choose the size depending how the tightness of fit you prefer