ROBO PLUS full foam Bundle

ROBO PLUS full foam Bundle

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Bundle includes: 
1x ROBO Plus Kicker
1x ROBO Plus Legguard 
1x ROBO Plus Right Hand Protector 
1x ROBO Plus Left Hand Protector    

The ROBO Plus Kicker provides playing options like never before possible. Its long, flat side profile enables lower and more accurate clearances and offers a 25% greater saving area.

The ROBO Plus Legguards are for goalkeepers that are fast, agile and patient yet decisive and want maximum surface area. They best suit upright goalkeepers that want predictable rebound to steer the ball away from danger.

Right Hand Protector:
The ROBO Plus Right Hand combines the best of the Hi-Control and Hi-Rebound all in one hand protector. Its basic configuration is similar to the Hi-Rebound RHP but radically revised back means the wrist flexibility is greatly enhanced. It's the best of the Hi-Rebound and Hi-Control combined.

Left Hand Protector:
The ROBO Plus Left Hand is all about providing predictable rebound. Flat large saving surface + security on the hand + freedom of wrist movement = Predictable Rebound.