OOP Individual Bundle

OOP Individual Bundle

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Bundle includes: 
1x OOP faceOFFSteel
1x OOP beesKnees
1x OOP handOver

Based on 20 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of how to design helmets for goalkeepers, OBO has developed a face mask that combines energy-absorbing closed-cell foam and high-tensile steel wire that offers a higher level of protection than any other penalty corner mask ever made.

Anatomically designed for players who understand how important it is to be, and feel safe on the field. Offers full coverage of the knees They are stable and secure on the leg - minimal slippage UltraStop foam inside provides outstanding protection so you can be confident on the field and play your best during the crucial moments of the penalty corner phase

Specialised hand protectors for the penalty corner phase with protection in all the right places - not re-branded ice hockey gloves. 360° protection, which keeps you safe and enables you to be confident during the crucial moments of the penalty corner phase