ROBO Hi-Rebound Legguards

ROBO Hi-Rebound Legguards

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The ROBO Hi Rebound Legguards have been designed to reflect the needs of the new generation of goalkeepers. They encourage the natural movement of the human body, enables quick reactions and lots of rebound. They are especially suited to an upright style of play.

The underlying rationale for ROBO Hi Rebound Legguards stems from emerging trends in the field hockey. Many leading keepers now want to stay closer to their goal box, stay on their feet for more of the time and be very agile so that they can react quickly to changes in attack. They also desire to have plenty of rebound, stiff wings that rebound the ball on penalty corners (rather than bend and allow the ball to slip through) and a face that offers an exceptionally wide presentation.

Increasingly... they want to be able to accurately steer the ball toward the side lines, away from the goal. When modern goalkeepers need to slide, they want to slide freely and be able to return quickly and easily to their feet. The OBO Hi Rebound Legguards responds to all these needs in several smart and unique ways. They feature a unique Hi Rebound area on the inside of the leg for fast and long clearances; very stiff wings that control the ball direction and slow rebound speed; a wider face than ever before (total width 600mm) and a flatter face which allows very predictable rebound direction.

The unique wing scallops direct the ball straight into the field and the uniquely shaped and skinned face surface allows easy sliding.

The inners are softer and anatomically shaped, which allows them to mould easily to your leg.

Thoughtfully Designed and Carefully Made in New Zealand

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