ROBO Hi-Rebound Left Hand Protector

ROBO Hi-Rebound Left Hand Protector

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The ROBO Hi-Rebound Left Hand Protector is flat, with loads of rebound and great control. It also has a soft inner for increased comfort and fit.

It is sized so that the protector is stable on the hand, achieving more ball control and greater power.

It has a fairly flat face but still shaped to control the ball and direct downwards.

It has slightly square edges which can be used to deflect the ball and an almost flat bottom edge when placed on the ground.

The anatomically shaped inner, results in a natural hand position and good grip, especially in the thumb area.

The wrist protector is fully shaped for maximum coverage.

The heavy elastic strap keeps hand protector secure on the hand at all times, but it doesn't inhibit the movement.

There is a soft pad under the wrist area for increased comfort and better ball control.

Thoughtfully Designed and Carefully Made in New Zealand