ROBO Hi-Rebound Kickers

ROBO Hi-Rebound Kickers

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The vertical and flat sides are lessening the chance of the ball being 'lifted' when kicking.

The hidden straps maxime the size of the 'sweet spot' when side kicking. They are easily replaced and adjustable.

The rounded toe is shaped to enable maximum player acceleration.

They have anatomically shaped inner for maximum comfort & rebound. Comfortable the very first time you wear them and very secure. The overall ground presentation is very flat in order to maximise the protection and rebound while keeping the toe inside the kicker.

They are reinforced with hi-density rubbing strip, for superior wear resistance and foot protection. The rear buffer at the rear prevents the shoe from slipping back and exposing the toe.

The very hi-density polyethylene foam (15 mm) sandwiched between both Hi and Lo density foams, provides unbeatable side protection by dissipating ball impact.

The hi-density anatomically shaped tongue is part of the patented integrated locking system between legguards and kickers. The tongue provides excellent protection of the forward shin are when the foot/toes are fully extended.

Thoughtfully Designed and Carefully Made in New Zealand

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