OBO Direct Gift Card

OBO Direct Gift Card

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You - "OBO, I need help finding a gift for a my goalkeeper crazy friend but I don't know what to get them. Can you help"?

OBO - "Why don't you get a gift card, then they can choose their own gift"? There is no expiry date on the cards, they can choose anything on the OBO Direct Website and you can either forward the email once you receive it, or you can print it out and give it in person".

You - "Sounds like the perfect gift! How do I buy one and how does my amazing friend use it?”

OBO - "Select your amount, add it to your cart and complete the online purchase process. You will be sent a digital gift card through email. To use the gift card, copy the code from the email, and when you head to the checkout to confirm payment, apply the code to the discount code bar".