ROBO Hi Control full foam Bundle

ROBO Hi Control full foam Bundle

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Bundle includes: 
1x ROBO Hi Control Kicker
1x ROBO Hi Control Legguard 
1x ROBO Hi Control Right Hand Protector 
1x ROBO Hi Control Left Hand Protector    

The ROBO Hi Control kickers have lower rebound than the Hi Rebound, but increased control and increased protection, and will last longer. The kicker also has a double layer of high density polyethylene foam bonded into the middle of the kicker.

The ROBO Hi Control Legguards are shaped to give excellent rebound control from almost any angle.

Right Hand Protector:
The ROBO Hi Control Right Hand enables you to lay your stick (virtually) parallel to the ground... very useful for sweeping ground tackles and especially advantageous during a PC defence where you are lying on the ground and stretching your arm to reach the ball.

Left Hand Protector:
The ROBO Hi Control Left Hand
are made from closed cell foam for maximum protection, but minimum weight for quicker movements towards the ball. The patterned face on the Hi-Control left hand provides greater ball control.