ROBO Hi Rebound full foam Bundle

ROBO Hi Rebound full foam Bundle

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Bundle includes: 
1x ROBO Hi Rebound Kicker
1x ROBO Hi Rebound Legguard 
1x ROBO Hi Rebound Right Hand Protector 
1x ROBO Hi Rebound Left Hand Protector    

The ROBO Hi Rebound kickers have anatomically shaped inner for maximum comfort & rebound. Comfortable the very first time you wear them and very secure. The overall ground presentation is very flat in order to maximise the protection and rebound while keeping the toe inside the kicker.

The ROBO Hi Rebound Legguards have been designed to encourage the natural movement of the human body, enables quick reactions and lots of rebound..

Right Hand Protector:
The ROBO Hi Rebound Right Hand is a strong and powerful glove so you will never fear facing anything that comes toward the goal. Strong in terms of its construction, powerful in terms of high and controlled rebound combined with the highest level of protection and no need for straps. 

The ROBO Hi-Rebound Left Hand Protector is flat, with loads of rebound and great control. It also has a soft inner for increased comfort and fit. It is sized so that the protector is stable on the hand, achieving more ball control and greater power.