CLOUD full foam Bundle

CLOUD full foam Bundle

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Bundle includes: 
1x CLOUD Kicker
1x CLOUD Legguard 
1x CLOUD Right Hand Protector 
1x CLOUD Left Hand Protector    

The Cloud Kickers flat ground profile of the kicker ensures that the foot is always inside the kicker and stays protected. The heel buffers prevent the heel slipping backwards and the toe coming out of the front.

The CLOUD legguards have been designed to allow the goalie to move naturally and therefore quickly. The left legguard is wider than the right to give maximum height at penalty corners, and maximum width while on your feet.

Left & Right Hand Protector:
The CLOUD Left Hand & Right Hand Protector 
have the same performance characteristics as the Robo hand protectors, but utilise softer foams. They are made from closed cell foam for maximum protection, but minimum weight to allow quicker movement towards the ball. The patterned face on the left hand provides greater ball control and the glove is shaped to deflect the ball downwards towards the feet.