ROBO PLUS Right Hand Protector
ROBO PLUS Right Hand Protector

ROBO PLUS Right Hand Protector

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The Robo PLUS Right Hand combines the best of Hi-Control and Hi-Rebound all in one hand protector.

Its basic configuration is similar to the Hi-Rebound RHP but radically revised back means  the wrist flexibility is greatly enhanced. It's as the best of the Hi-Rebound and Hi-Control have combined.

The front face is larger and flatter. The hand and thumb straps, plus the wrist strap (with pad) keep it stable and secure on the hand.

The palm comfort pad also aids stability and comfort.

You can personalise your RHP+ by opting to use both thumb and finger strap and pad or do without the pad... or even the strap.

Choose from two heights of hand pad (M and L). With so many choices you can build the perfect hand protector for your hand and your style of play... Perfection!

Thoughtfully Designed and Carefully Made in New Zealand

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